a part of this year's keynote speakers:

David Evans


Joakim Sundén


Luke Hohmann


F 0.01 F 0.02 F 2.01 F 2.03
09:00 - 09:30 en
Hitchhikers Session Guide
by Christian Hassa and Ralph Miarka
09:30 - 09:45 Welcome @ Agile Tour 2016
09:45 - 10:45 en
Awesome Superproblems
by Luke Hohmann
10:45 - 10:50 5 Min Break
10:50 - 11:35 de
Team-Optimierung führt zu schlechtem Unternehmens-Output
by Klaus Leopold
Lean Agile Systems Thinking Enterprise Agility
Continuous Delivery in Complex and Heterogeneous Environments
by Josef Puchinger and Christopher Hejl
Continuous Delivery AgileOps DevOps Mode 1 & 2 Automation
Does Agile mean we have less time for Testing?
by Alex Schwartz
Agile Testing Quality
Bugfixing Level III - Performance Boost Gamification
by Andreas Scharf
Gamification Bugfixing Motivation
11:35 - 11:50 Coffee Break
11:50 - 12:35 de
Lean Scrumban-Thinking in der Praxis
by Alexander Krause
lean startup Design-Thinking Scrum 3.0 Scrumban Kanban
A voyage through BDD in the financial sector
by Dirk Rombauts
BDD Living Documentation SpecFlow
From departments to cross-functional teams. A Story.
by Philipp Pointner and Matyas Bodor
Organization leadership software delivery teams
“Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte“ - Visualisieren von Anforderungen mit Wireframes
by Claudia Oster
workshop Adaptability AgileEstimation AgilePractices
12:35 - 12:40 5 Min Break
12:40 - 13:25 en
Large Scale Agile Transformations (in IB): Lessons Learned
by Rickard Jones and Christoforos Nikitas
Agile Transformations Agile Coaching Agile Training
Seeding a Tree in a Gherkin - Setting up Complex Scenarios for Automated Tests
by Paul Rohorzka
Testing Test Automation Readability Maintenance Code
Eine Entdeckungsreise durch die Software – Session Based Testing
by Vera Gehlen-Baum and Bettina Stühle
Session-based testing Requirements Engineering Exploratory Testing
Maintaining Agile Equilibrium
by Dan Mircea Suciu
Adaptability AgileEstimation AgilePractices
13:25 - 14:10 Lunch Break
14:10 - 15:10 en
Tribes, Squads, Chapters, & Guilds: Agile at Scale at Spotify
by Joakim Sundén
15:10 - 15:15 5 Min Break
15:15 - 16:00 en
Impact Mapping with Innovation Games™
by Gojko Adzic and Christian Hassa
Impact Mapping Innovation Games
How the cloud enhances your agile software development
by Raoul Holzer and David Leitner
OPs Microservices Serverless CrossFunctionalTeams
Turkcell Agile Transformation Story
by Buse Özen
Agile Kanban Lean Scrum IT Transformation
16:00 - 16:15 Coffee Break
16:15 - 17:00 en
5 Years of Agile Transition: An Agile Journey
by Maximilian Hantsch-Köller
Agile transition corporate culture change management
Keep "CALMS", DevOps at Cisco
by Joachim Niederreiter
DevOps Agile Cloud-Native Lean Transformation
Unit Tests in Legacy Code: 4 Erfolgsfaktoren
by Roland Germ
Unit Testing Legacy Code Agile Software Entwicklungspraktiken Test Doubles Code Smells Design Prinzipien
Using Innovation Games for Agile Retrospectives at Scale
by Peter Ferak and Alex Staenke
Innovation Games Agile Product Development Visual Facilitation Agile Transformation
17:00 - 17:05 5 Min Break
17:05 - 18:05 en
The Pillars of Agile Testing
by David Evans


Buy your ticket for Agile Tour Vienna 2016 now!


A great day all about Agile Development.

It's about agile

The Agile Tour Vienna is a non-profit event that brings together experts, practioners and anyone else interested in agile software development.


We are looking to find the perfect balance between international experts on Agile Development and practitioners from the local community.


The primary conference language is German, but we also welcome talks in English and look forward to exchanging ideas and insights with international participants.

"Thanks for organising a fantastic Agile Tour Vienna. Really glad to be a part of it" - Dan North

"Think outside the box with motivating speakers, a social crowd and delicious coffee" - Vistor 2015

"Super Event zu einem Super Preis!" - Visitor 2014

"Worth spending a sunny Saturday indoors! :)" - Visitor 2013

Look Back

Talks from last year's Agile Tour Vienna.


    Dan North

    Turning the lights on

    Great Keynote by Dan North about "Scaling Agile Delivery"

     talk on vimeo


    Joseph Pelrine

    (How) do I do "real" Scrum?

    Joseph Pelrine was one of last years keynote speaker, and talked about how he does real Scrum.

     talk on vimeo


    Gojko Adzic

    Test automation without a headache

    Five key patterns by Gojko Adzic

     talk on vimeo


    Jeff Patton

    Letting go of Agile

    Where agile thinking steers us wrong

     talk on vimeo

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    A summary of the entire Agile Tour history can be found on our wiki.

     Agile-Tour Wiki



FH Technikum Wien

Austria's largest technical University of Applied Sciences is the venue for Agile Tour Vienna


FH Technikum Wien
Höchstädtplatz 6
1200 Wien

Public Transport Connections

  • Subway: U6, station Dresdner Strasse
  • Trams: Lines 2, 31, 33, station Höchstädtplatz
  • Train: Handelskai or Traisengasse
  • Bus: 37A, station Höchstädtplatz

Our Team

  For general information please send an email to: info@agiletourvienna.at

Florian Eckkrammer

Organization & Committee

Veronika Kotrba & Ralph Miarka

Organization & Committee

Veronika Winter

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David Leitner

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Rudolf Groetz

Content Committee

Franz Hofer

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