We're very excited to announce our confirmed keynote speakers for the Agile Tour Vienna 2018!

David Anania

Kevlin Henney


J. B. Rainsberger



A selection of our speakers at this year's conference

Gojko Adzic


David Evans


Marcus Hammarberg



No early bird, no late bird - only one price this year.

The ticket includes high quality
catering by Marriot Vienna.

What our guests say

"Thanks for organising a fantastic Agile Tour Vienna. Really glad to be a part of it." - Dan North

"Thanks for organizing and providing this great schedule!" - Vistor 2017

"Thank you for inviting us to speak - thoroughly enjoyable, and really useful learning!" - Speaker 2017

"Think outside the box with motivating speakers, a social crowd and delicious coffee." - Vistor 2015

"Worth spending a sunny Saturday indoors! :)" - Visitor 2013

Looking Back

Talks from last year's Agile Tour Vienna.


    Andrea Provaglio

    "Rethinking agile leadership"

     talk on vimeo


    Gojko Adzic

    "Painless visual testing"

     talk on vimeo


    Guðfinnur Sveinsson

    "Learnings from an agile coach and how to coach executive teams"

     talk on vimeo


    Harry Harrold and Rupert Redington

    "A new “ad-hoc” manifesto"

     talk on vimeo


    Joseph Pelrine and Jasmine Zahno

    "On psychological safety, intelligent teams.."

     talk on vimeo


    Tanja Baricic-Böhm

    "Scaled Agile @ Rewe - Planung mit mehreren Kunden und Produkten"

     talk on vimeo

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    A summary of the entire Agile Tour history can be found on our wiki.

     Agile Tour Wiki

Call for Proposals

We invite all agile practitioners to present their talks at Agile Tour Vienna 2018. The main conference language is German, but talks in English are also welcome.

The Call for Proposals starts on 4 May 2018. The submission deadline is 31 August 2018.

The Call for Young Talents starts on 4 May 2018. The submission deadline is 3 August 2018. We have extended the deadline for submissions until Monday 6 August.

The Review Team will decide upon which sessions to hold by the middle of September. Everyone who submitted a proposal will be informed once the decision is taken. The chosen speakers will receive a free ticket for the Agile Tour Vienna 2018. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cover travel expenses or pay a speaking fee.

The conference takes place on 6 October 2018.

Submit your session here:


Talks or workshops should cover subjects from one of the following areas:

Organization in agile projects or companies
Technical best practices and useful tools
Requirements and testing in agile projects
Economic questions, project performance and business considerations

In particular, we are looking for contributions involving customers and real-life case studies (the more state-of-the-art and experimental, the merrier – people who dare to try should be on stage). Please bring your customer or customer project with you.

Session Formats

Possible session formats (each 45 minutes) are:

Classical talk
Interactive sessions / workshops
Practitioner report (case studies)
Young talents (details below)

If your proposed session involves longer exercises or a special format, you can also offer a session requiring two 45-minute slots.

Young Talents

This year we will have the special "young talents" format, which is dedicated to supporting young professionals hold their first session at a conference.

There are a specific set of requirements for submission to this format:

You are under 35 years old
It is your first talk at a conference
Your session is a classic talk or practitioner report

Young talents will receive additional support.

Before the conference:

Feedback on your proposal, including the option to get in touch with an expert
Individual coaching to prepare you for your talk
Option to hold a rehearsal in front of a small audience providing you with valuable feedback
Meet & Greet with the keynote speakers

After the conference:

Personal feedback from an expert

Open Space Area

This year, you can also propose a short (15 minutes) lightning talk / session. There will be a shorter time slot scheduled after lunch for these talks.


proposal form
example proposal EN
example proposal DE



FH Campus Wien


FH Campus Wien
Favoritenstraße 226
1100 Wien

Public Transport Connections

  • Subway: U1, station Altes Landgut

Our Team

  For general information please send an email to:

Milena Krnjic


Katharina Leitner


Veronika Winter



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Content Committee

Susanne Albinger

Christian Biegler

Elisabeth Binder

Daniel Fellegger

Doris Fidler

Peter Graff

Rudolf Groetz

Christian Hassa

Laura Hermann

Franz Hofer

Michaela Kinberger

Veronika Kotrba & Ralph Miarka

Maxim Kuul

Paul Lanzerstorfer

Cosima Laube

Igor Miladinovic

Barbara Neumayr

Igor Petrovic

Christian Ploninger

Sigrid Schefer-Wenzl

Ursula Simo

Roland Tiefenbrunner

Event Tips

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