Global Head of Digital Agility Center

Roche Diabetes Care, mySugr GmbH

Startup joins corporate: Finding superpowers during hypos and hypers

Founded in 2012, mySugr is a digital health company that aims to make diabetes suck less. Since 2017, mySugr has been a proud part of Roche Diabetes Care with the mission to jointly create an open digital diabetes ecosystem. During the first 8 years of the company, mySugr was in a vast growth phase and recently focused on the integration into the larger corporation in order to jointly deliver on the overall strategy.
When reaching 45 employees in 2017, mySugr started to apply the modern agile principles and chose to organize itself with Tribes inspired by Spotify. Delegation of decision making was done via consent driven circles based on Sociocracy 3.0. Equally important, creating a workspace that sees employees as its customers was a key element during that period. When reaching 100 employees, the organization established three Flight Levels (Klaus Leopold).
Not only the office had to adapt over the years, especially during and after the pandemic. Based on various challenges, the focus moved to finding better ways of working between mySugr and Roche Diabetes Care. mySugr moved from Tribes and Flight Levels towards SAFe Agile Release Trains. Based on development streams identified together within Roche Diabetes Care, the whole organization started to implement SAFe 5.1.
In the last ten years, mySugr scaled up to more than 150 employees and became the digital patient phasing application and brand of the corporate. In this talk, you will get insights on the different phases and learnings during the growth and integration. You will hear from the so called “superpowers” that mySugr developed and now aims to seed into the bigger organization: A great hiring and onboarding process, a lean quality management system with bi-weekly releases of medical devices, a strong feedback culture and the constant energy to learn and adapt. All those helped in creating innovative products and human-centric experiences.


Christian studied Software Engineering & Internet Computing and Computer Science Management at the Vienna University of Technology. After working for the University on technical aids for deaf and hard of hearing students, Christian joined mySugr in 2012 as a QA Engineer. At that early stage of the medtech startup, mySugr consisted of fewer than ten motivated people working on the vision of making diabetes suck less. He became the first Agile Coach of mySugr, and ever since then was focusing on ways of working and culture. In 2017, mySugr joined the Roche Diabetes Care family, extending its reach and bringing even more ways to support people living with diabetes. The past two years, Christian focused on aligning ways of working within mySugr and Roche Diabetes Care.