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Why Agile needs more Collaborative Modeling

What users think they need can be different from what they really need. And what users get will almost always differ from both: in the end, they might neither get what they think they need nor what they really need! 😉
Even if we work in an agile organization, this probably does not sound like a joke to us. As soon as we are involved in changing critical enterprise systems, it may sound more like our everyday work: ubiquitous friction is introduced by the translation between two worlds. In one are business experts with their extensive domain knowledge, in the other are software engineers with their skills and own way of thinking.
Both groups speak notably different languages.
In this talk we demonstrate how we tackle the inherent complexity by using methods from the Domain-Driven Design communities: Event Storming, Domain Storytelling and Event Modeling.
Such collaborative modeling methods are easy for anyone to use. They emphasize and promote the importance of interaction between domain experts and software engineers. By visualizing the domain language, designing business processes and user journeys, cross-functional, agile teams create haptic models and thus the required mental alignment. The ingredients of collaborative modeling methods are well thought out and yet can still be explained in a few minutes. This way, domain experts can contribute their knowledge and software engineers slowly but surely discover enough to ask the right questions.
Together we will explore what’s needed to succeed with these approaches in real life. We will share our own experiences and show examples derived from real world projects. We will also discuss what can go wrong and how to make it right, in particular by customizing methods for our own working context.


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