Agile Coach


Escaping the hamster wheel

Do you know those projects that over time get stuck in a constant loop of refinement and delivery?
Processes got “stable” over time. Teams are constantly delivering value to production, but… nobody is excited about it anymore. Team members call out for personal growth, but the project doesn’t need new technologies. Stakeholders don’t attend Sprint Reviews anymore. Sprint retrospectives lead to minor improvements in an already good process.
But it could be better! Let my share my experiences on getting teams and organizations out of this hamster wheel.
Over time processes become stable. I’ll share alternative ideas for sprints like design sprints and innovation sprints. It’s about breaking the constant loop of refinement meetings and delivering in “classic” sprint.
Over time goals become stable. I’ll share methods to tap the team’s creativity in tackling the product roadmap like themes, outcome-based roadmaps, and experimentation.
Over time teams become stable. Alternative ways to break hardened team structures with dynamic reteaming or the Nexus Integation Team help fostering creativity by getting out of the status quo.
Over time team utilization becomes stable. I’ll share ideas how to establish slack time in order to provide personbal growth and creativity in a meaningful way like hackweeks, and curated organization-wide challenge backlogs.
This will be a classic talk and aims to inspire listeners to break out of their hamster wheel and experiment with new dynamics. I won’t present a pattern to copy, but multiple ideas that can be mixed and matched. Some might work for some teams, others for different ones. But whatever you try: It will bring creativity, motivation, and a fresh breeze into successful but boring processes.


Dominik “Dodo” Dopplinger is a passionate practitioner in agile craftsmanship. After 5 years as a software developer he found his love to agile values and the agile mindset. As an Agile Coach he helps teams to constantly gettting better in delivering value to customers and users.