Division Leader Group IT Delivery & Agile Change Leader

Raiffeisenbank International AG

Elisabeth Geyer-Schall joined Raiffeisen Zentralbank in May 1997. She has graduated in Business Education (Vienna University of Business Administration and Economics) in 2003. Elisabeth is a Senior Manager in the areas of Transaction Banking, IT and Operations with more than 15 years experience in banking and corporate business. She has an extensive experience in strategy definition and execution in the financial industry with special focus on operating models, governance and performance management as well as in steering and setup of large bank-wide projects – particularly with significant IT impact.

Since 2017, Elisabeth is leading the Agile Change in RBI on a holistic level. Part of this responsibility is: the setup of sustainable cross-functional Agile Product Teams, proper scaling of the agile environment incl. relevant process changes, re-structuring of IT and changing towards an agile enabling IT environment with excellence in engineering domains, CI/CD, test automation, DevOps, technology renewal and innovation culture.

Since July 2019 Elisabeth is responsible for the RBI Group IT Delivery division.

As of September 2020, RBI has changed more than 80 % of its IT related change the bank activities into sustainable agile setups, Guilds and Communities are setup to connect across agile Teams, a systematic approach for Agile Engineering, tech renewal, IT upskilling and IT workforce development in an agile environment is in place.

Elisabeth is also a member of the supervisory board of the Raiffeisen Bank d.d. Bosnia Hercegovina, Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Ukraine and of Valida Holding AG in Vienna.

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