James Bond Game

Become a game designer in 20 minutes? In this workshop you get only 5 minutes to develop a game as a small team!

How do I put people in a mood of openness for new ideas? How can I get the creative potential out of each person?

In this workshop we will explore these questions and reflect on how you can build momentum for an innovation process where each person can contribute. Through the playful structure, people feel invited despite the challenge.

Maybe by the end of the workshop you will be a trained game designer?

Learning Outcomes:

How can a game be used to put people into an innovative mood?

What are the basics of game design?


portrait image Linh Dinh



Managing Partner

fifty1 GmbH


I am a trained computer scientist and outdoor trainer, where I was able to combine both passions early on in Agile. Since then, I have continued my education and have enjoyed various trainings in Agile, Systemic Coaching and Group Dynamics. Today I am working on my master’s degree in organizational development. I can express my commitment as Managing Partner of fifty1 GmbH in Vienna, where we support organizations in their change and transformation processes.
portrait image Linh Dinh