Consultant and Author


Jenni Jepsen works as a transformation advisor at Denmark-based goAgile. She helps people transform organizations to create lasting change. By focusing on the value to be achieved and understanding where clients are at and where they want to go, Jenni works closely with them to increase organizational effectiveness, motivation and results. goAgile’s point of difference is to help people in organizations help themselves in this process, and Jenni has proven experience supporting people so they thrive through change. In this way, organizations transform into places where people achieve real value and delight customers every day.

Jenni is recognized for her work in change leadership, communications, and Agile. She integrates neuroscience concepts into her coaching, training and sparring with leaders at every level. In addition to having her certificate in NeuroLeadership, Jenni is also a certified Intent-Based Leadership™ Practitioner, certified LEGO® Serious Play™ facilitator, and has numerous Agile certifications.

Jenni consults, writes and speaks worldwide about leadership, teams, and how to take advantage of how our brains function to get optimal thinking in the workplace. She runs Intent-based Leadership™ courses together with award-winning author of Turn the Ship Around! L. David Marquet, and her book with partner Ole Jepsen, TOGETHER: How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done will be released in Fall 2020.

Talk: Experiment your way through change

Research shows that leaders who fail to involve and engage people in change cause increased uncertainty and fear. But how can leaders stop their people from feeling that things are “happening to them,” and instead feel they are a vital and valuable part of the change? Simple. Experiment your way through change!

Experiments are a great and underused technique to reframe how we implement change – breaking down what might be big organizational changes into smaller, measurable actions that bring value, are understandable, and in the long run, easier to carry out.

In this session, Jenni will share the neuroscience around change, and how to run data-driven experiments at every level in your organization. Learn why experiments are a concrete way to act your way to new thinking, as well as a way for leaders to create lasting change.