Agile Coach and Trainer


Malene Jacobsen is one of the few people that have never done a Waterfall project. She was taught Agile/Scrum from the first day of her education in Advanced Computer Scientist, and since then, it became a natural way of thinking both in work and private life. Malene fully lives up to the saying: you don’t do agile, you become agile!

In her professional career, she has fulfilled all scrum roles, Developer, Product Owner, and Scrum Master. Malene’s passion lies in growing and teaching people in the understanding of the Scrum framework and get everybody to feel the passion and joy for agile as she does. She is doing this as an Agile coach and trainer at Kaizania – Agile of Course in Cape Town, SA.

Talk: My Scrum is better than your Scrum!

Have you ever wondered what the Scrum anti-patterns are? Is your team stuck in an anti-pattern? Will you even know if they are? How do you help coach your team into a better way of working? Join this highly interactive talk where we will explore the anti-patterns of Scrum and I will share tips and tricks from my experience on how to move your team forward.