Agile Coach

Siemens AG Germany

“Higher, further, faster, more“: Sonja studied psychology with focus on human-computer interaction to create a better, “easy-to-use” world. SInce she started her career at Siemens AG in Germany 19 years ago, she has proven that strong focus on customer value can make a difference, even in a B2B environment like Healthcare and Energy.

Sonja switched from UX to product management to create even more impact. For 8 years, she was responsible for the User Interface of an Energy Management software for monitoring and controlling critical infrastructure. To further enhance her knowledge-base, Sonja got an (online) MBA to understand the mechanics behind successful businesses. Since the agile transformation hit Siemens Digital Grid, Sonja has been on fire. She decided to become an agile coach to dedicate herself completely to making a change. In the last two years, Sonja became an SPC (SAFe Program Consultant: the highest SAFe certification), launched two Agile Release Trains containing 200 members from 6 different countries, installed lean portfolio management, and is quite busy with stakeholder management across all different parts of the global organization. Her motto “Higher, further, faster, more“ is taking her beyond SAFe to new levels of business agility, leadership and culture. She couldn’t be more happier.

Panel Discussion:
SAFe: Trainwreck or fast track to business agility?