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Instilling Agile Values with the "Wisdom of Oz"

The “new normal” is faced with many complex challenges, creating urgency and need for high-performing teams in every organization. Several academic research have proven the correlation between accountability and productivity (Patrick Lencioni, 5 dysfunctions of teams), (Amy Edmondson, The Fearless Organizations), (Roger Connors, The wisdom of OZ). This workshop will reveal the building blocks of high performing teams and why fostering a culture of accountability in the team is the answer. The workshop is a highly interactive 90-120 min session where participants are using a unique “Blame game” card game to reveal the common excuses and anti-patterns in their teams and to find the way how to leave the victim cycle and reach high performance, by following the four steps to accountability. The foundation of the workshop is a unique coaching style based on the “Wizard of OZ” fable, where accountability is described as the building block of organizations. When we speak about instilling accountability in our team, we must have the courage (The Lion) to see the obstacles before they arise. To have heart (The Tin men) and accept ownership of these challenges, even if they aren’t directly related to our work. To have the wisdom (The Scarecrow) to solve these obstacles by finding solutions even when they aren’t visible at the moment. Finally, to have the willpower (Dorothy) to do and deliver the working solution. By using this model we are instilling the core values of agility in our teams.
Key takeaways for participants:
+ Building a structured way to grow teams to high performing stage
+ How to overcome excuses and build accountability in four easy steps?
+ Learn how to coach people to mindset shift and instill the core agile values


Ilija Popjanev – The Lean Agile Coach, is passionate about redesigning leadership and people development with adaptive methods based on continuous improvement, accountability and coaching. For more than 30 years Ilija has been Lean and Agile values and principles as key elements for building effective teams and inspiring organizations. Ilija is authorized ICAgile instructor for agile coaching, facilitation, leadership, org design, marketing and HR. He is a firm believer in enabling org agility by through agile coaching. Ilija is the top rated English speaking Management 3.0 facilitator and founder of the Agile Macedonia community. He is also member of DOOR International, training and consulting company based in Wiesbaden, Germany. He’s founder of L&D startup, offering various HR solutions, backed with AI and high tech software. Ilija is a passionate Lean Agile advocate, who has dedicated 3 decades of community work, consulting and practice with various organizations and academic researches on his masters and doctoral thesis on redefining leadership and improving organizational performance and processes.
portrait image Ilija Popjanev