Manuela Raidl
Agile Master & Agile Coach
Robert Bosch AG
Young Talents

Agile Boot Camp: An Innovation to Empower Distributed Teams

In today’s interconnected world, agile teams face unique challenges when striving to embody the foundational pillars of trust, communication, adaptability, and continuous improvement. This is particularly evident in globally distributed teams, where physical distance and cultural diversity can pose significant barriers to effective collaboration. Join me on a journey to explore how we tackled these challenges head-on by taking inspiration from an unlikely source: the armed forces. In my keynote presentation, I will share my experiences of organizing and executing my very first agile boot camp: a transformative two-week journey that brought together our globally distributed team members from India, Vietnam, Germany and Austria. Throughout this immersive venture, participants engaged in a series of workshops and simulations designed to strengthen trust and collaboration, refine team communication, foster adaptability, and promote a culture of continuous improvement. Leveraging the DiSC model of behavior — originally conceptualized by William Moulton Marston — we explored our individual traits in collaboration and the underlying reasons and motivations that drive team members to act as they do. Through real-life anecdotes and tangible outcomes, I will illustrate how the boot camp proved to be a catalyst for positive change within our distributed team. Via the power of shared experiences and newfound camaraderie, we not only achieved immediate results but also laid the groundwork for long-term sustainable growth. By reflecting on our journey and sharing practical insights I want to inspire you to rethink conventional approaches to overcome the hurdles of distributed teamwork. Take up innovative ideas and creative approaches. Discover the secrets to empowering your distributed team with the agile boot camp.


Manuela Raidl fosters collaboration, communication and alignment among globally distributed teams. She is an Agile Master and Agile Coach in the automotive industries with a background in software testing. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in technical mathematics she is currently working on her Master thesis. Her journey into agile leadership began unexpectedly, when she was offered the role of a Scrum Master. Through embracing this opportunity and navigating various challenges during the past four years, Manuela has emerged as a respected and well-known figure in the agile community at Bosch. She experienced the complexities involved in leading globally distributed teams over several years. Manuela aims to anchor a sense of unity and purpose within teams, empowering her teams to navigate the dynamic business landscape with confidence and success regardless of their physical locations. Inspired by her passion for running, she brings dedication and resilience to her coaching approach, emerging innovation and new directions.