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Guild Lead CI/CD DevOps/Agile Engineering Coach

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Classical Talk

Modern organizational design for flow - Team Topologies

In the last years, basically all enterprise organizations have attempted to transfom their ways of working to achieve better agility and effectiveness.
In more than a few cases these transformation attempts have not suceeded, leaving employees and managers frustrated and disillusioned. Reasons for these failures are manyfold but neglecting proper oganizational design is probably one of the most important ones.
In 2019, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais released “Team Topologies”, a book that describes patterns for effective organizational design and collaboration, based on well established concepts in Computer Science ans neuroscience: Conway’s Law and the ideas of Cognitive Load.
The proposed talk will introduce the core organiztional patterns proposed by the book and how some of them have been applied with success here at Raiffeisen Bank International AG.
Learning Outcomes:
  • the audience should have an understanding Conway’s Law and the concept of Cognitive Load
  • A basic idea about the concepts of Team Topologies
  • Real world application of some of the patterns in an enterprise context


After studying physics at the Technical University in Vienna, Robert Ruzitschka started to work in the software industry more than 20 years ago. He collected his first SW engineering experience as developer in the telecom industries and later on covered multiple roles in development and software architecture. During the last couple of years his focus was on being an engineering lead. Since five years, Robert Ruzitschka helps transforming Raiffeisen Bank International as a DevOps community lead and Agile Engineering Coach.
portrait image Robert Ruzitschka