Classical Talk

Data and AI: Effective Tooling for Agile at Scale

We cherish the #1 Agile principle of “Individuals and Interactions” over “Processes and Tools.” However, scaling Agile to thousands of contributors demands supportive processes and intelligent tools. While previous talks have already addressed remote quarterly plannings and tools for distributed teams, our talks focus is on transforming distributed operational data into actionable insights.

We will tackle common visibility and alignment challenges in large Agile transformations, covering every phase from strategy to execution and from planning to delivery. Learn from real-world examples and gain actionable ideas to overcome hurdles and optimize your Agile processes. By leveraging data and AI for effective tooling, you take a significant step toward ensuring the success of your Agile at Scale journey.

David Jungwirth
Leading CIO Advisory and IT Architecture (Sr. Director)
HCLTech Studio


* Working as Agile Product Manager and SCRUM Master with agile software development teams since 2011.
* Expert for DevOps and Continuous Delivery Architecture with teaching accreditation from DASA and DevOps Institute, as well as ScaledAgile SPC since 2018.
* Having worked with my teams as external Coach and Sr. Advisor for several organisations, currently leading the CIO Advisory at HCLTech.
* Speaker at O’Reilly Velocity conference, DevOps Enterprise Summit, Agile in the City, Agile Meetups.
* Achieved highest designation “Knight” for the market-leading Broadcom / CA “Agile Central / Rally” large-scale Agile Planning product, only held by less than a dozen people worldwide.
* Triple Cloud Certified: Professional Cloud Architect (Google), Solution Architect (AWS) and Microsoft Cloud Certified.
* Education: 2 Bachelor, 3 Master and 1 PhD degree in Computer Management, Communication Science and Health Management. Post-Graduate program completion for Management and Leadership at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published 20+ peer-reviewed scientific articles with 700+ citations.

Frikkx Eyjolfsson
ValueOps domain specialist, agile consultant & coach
Broadcom Software


Fridgeir Eyjolfsson (Frikkx) is a ValueOps domain specialist, agile consultant and coach with Broadcom Software.
His SAFe certifications include SPC, RTE, ASSM and SAFE Scrum Master with long experience in SAFe methodology both in practice, coaching and mentoring since 1999. He has delivered workshops and coaching to all levels from software engineering teams to executive leadership teams and delivered agile and SAFe trainings to a variety of software companies around the globe.
Frikkx has experienced the entire lifecycle of software development, from both a strategy and an execution perspective, which helps him tailor his coaching delivery to workshop participants.