Classical Talk

Engineering for Agility - The story of a training program

RBI has an IT-internal academy that provides IT specific trainings to its employees.

Many of them are very specific and focusing on a detailed job profile. Approximately 4 years ago, we introduced a program that was called “Engineering for Agility”. This program is focused on giving a broad overview about modern software engineering but also about RBI specific practices with the goal to create awareness for modern software engineering practices and to inspire the participants to dig deeper and try them out within their teams. The target audience is not only software engineers but also scrum masters, product owners and delivery managers.

Setting up and organizing a curriculum like this is not trivial. In this talk we want to share our experiences with the program after executing it 5 times with around 75 participants. Of course we will also talk about what we learned and the challenges we faced.

Robert Ruzitschka
Guild Lead CI/CD DevOps/Agile Engineering Coach
Raiffeisen Bank International AG