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Breaking free from TANS: Overcoming the corporate mindset & prioritizing value

“Unleash your team’s potential: Overcoming TANS and delivering value”
Are you tired of aimless work spilling over from one sprint to the next? Are you struggling to prioritize what matters most?
It’s time to overcome TANS: There’s Always a Next Sprint. This presentation will explore real-life case studies and provide solutions for curing this corporate disease. Learn about the underlying drivers of decreased focus, such as stakeholder engagement, budgeting, and long-term goals. Discover how to shift mindsets and implement cost-effective solutions to deliver more value and reduce unnecessary work.
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Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding the root causes of TANS and its impact on team performance.
  • Exploring real-life case studies to identify best practices and strategies for overcoming TANS.
  • Learning how to prioritize work based on value and align it with long-term goals.
  • Discovering cost-effective solutions for shifting mindsets and improving team focus.
  • Empowering your team to achieve maximum potential and deliver more value to stakeholders.


portrait image Tom Siebeneicher



Principal Transformation Consultant | Enterprise Agile Coach



As a global expert in digital and agile transformations, I am constantly inspired by my active participation in these fields. After realizing my long-held dream of travelling the world and gaining intercultural experiences, I have honed my skills in transforming large-scale companies into agile organizations and designing future operating models.
My worldwide work experience has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge in various cultures and industries. I have proven to be an engaging speaker, having presented at conferences such as ScanAgile 2023, Agile Leadership Day, and TED XKE by Xebia. With my unique perspective and captivating speaking style, I am a valuable asset to any organization looking to embrace the future of work.
portrait image Tom Siebeneicher
portrait image Sander Dur



Lead Agile Consultant



Sabina Lammerts Weg führte sie von der Biochemie über das Projektmanagement (in der Biotech-Industrie) schließlich in die Unternehmensberatung. Im Rahmen ihrer Trainings vermittelt sie interaktiv die Werte, Prinzipien, Methoden und Praktiken der agilen Arbeitswelt. Dabei befähigt sie ihre Kunden, das Erlernte bedarfsgerecht für ihren individuellen Rahmen anzupassen und begleitet diesen Implementierungsprozess in Form von regelmäßigen, gemeinsamen Reflexionen; ihr Motto dabei: “Den Arbeitsalltag als Erlebnis gestalten”.
portrait image Sander Dur