The 99 Best Agile Metrics Collection Workshop

This dynamic and engaging workshop on Agile metrics, crafted by the P3 Agile Community, acquaints participants with the ’99 Agile Metrics Collection’ to tackle the challenge of prioritizing metrics. Through interactive activities and real-world examples, attendees will acquire practical tools and insights to elevate team performance in Agile environments.
Valentin Nowotny
Agile Coach & Trainer
P3 Group


Introducing Valentin Nowotny, a renowned Agile coach, keynote speaker, author, and facilitator with a profound understanding of Agile methodologies. As a valued member of the esteemed P3 Group, Valentin leverages his extensive experience and facilitation skills to guide organizations through successful Agile transformations. With over a decade of hands-on experience, his dynamic presentations and workshops have inspired countless teams to embrace Agile principles, fostering innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Valentin’s commitment to empowering individuals and organizations shines through his prolific writing and thought leadership in the Agile community. Prepare to be captivated and empowered as Valentin Nowotny shares his transformative vision for Agile excellence at the conference.